Surprising Things That Cannot Go Into The Skip Bin

Surprising Things That Cannot Go Into The Skip Bin

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You might be throwing away your old furniture or want to dispose of waste from yard cleanups or construction project. In such cases, skip bin hire in Sydney can be an affordable and easy solution to remove the rubbish from your property.

However, many residents and businesses get surprised when the skip bin operator shares a  list of things they never thought would be excluded from what can be put in a bin.  

What this means is you might not be able to dump everything into the skip bin. If you deliberately ignore this, expect to run into problems with the waste disposal law and the skip bin company as well. 

We’ve compiled a list of those things. Take a look: 

Dirty Nappies 

Disposable nappies are single-use items that are contaminated by human wastes. In contrast with paper products, they are made from many different materials. The mix of materials and the contamination with human waste make them almost impossible to recycle. Soiled nappies, paper napkins and towels often go straight to landfill and should not be mixed with the other wastes in your bin. 

Paper Cups And Plates, Food Tins, Etc. 

small -sized marrel skip bins are known to be ideal for your everyday house cleanups. Just don’t throw in the pizza box and dinner takeout from last weekend.

Grease and food leftovers greatly affect the quality of paper and cardboard materials. As such, these materials should not be put in your usual skip bin. The grease and other substances affect the recycling process and can damage the recycling machines.

Electrical Devices and Equipment 

Some electrical equipment and appliances that are restricted include computers, dishwashers, televisions, freezers, electric cookers, microwaves, and fridges.

Waste electrical items can be disposed of by taking them to a registered recycling centre. You can contact your local council to know the location of the nearest recycling centre to you.

Plastic Bottle Tops

While plastic bottles are recyclable, loose bottle tops are not. The bottle lids are often small and not ideal for recycling machines. Also, some bottle caps are often not even made out of the same type of plastic.  This means that they have to be sorted differently.

Office waste

It is still recommended that you shred your waste paper before throwing it away. But if you are shredding your paper for it to be recycled, then you are definitely doing the wrong thing. Shredding the paper destroys its natural fibres.  If recycled, the paper will not hold its shape well anymore.

Fluorescent Bulbs And Batteries

Since fluorescent bulbs and worn out batteries contain harmful materials such as mercury and lead, you cannot put them in your marrel skip bins. You may have to call your local council to guide you about the recycling centres where you can recycle your old fluorescent bulbs and batteries.

Old Tyres

Disposing tyres require a lot of work, which is why companies that deal in commercial skip hire in Sydney don’t allow their customers to put them in their skips. You can ask your tyre changer or fitter to dispose of it for you.

The tyres may be recycled to produce different kinds of things such as rubber floors for playgrounds and gyms, plant pots, and many other things.

Gas Cylinders

It does not matter if a gas cylinder is small, faulty or rusty. You cannot put it in a skip bin. This is because there are high chances of the residual contents in the gas cylinder leaking into the bin. 

Skip hire companies are not licensed to handle such waste. However, you have several options at your disposal for this purpose. You can return the gas cylinder back to where you bought it from, as they can refill and reuse it. In addition, there are many companies in Sydney that recycle and take care of gas cylinders.

We assume that by now, you have a rough idea of what you can and can’t put in skip bins in Sydney. Please strictly observe whatever else the skip bin company tells you with regard to this. You will not only be saving yourself trouble but also contributing to environmental sustainability. 

Surprising Things That Cannot Go Into The Skip Bin