What Can You Keep In A General Waste Skip?

What Can You Keep In A General Waste Skip?

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Get rid of household rubbish and garden waste by hiring a skip bin. But some laws and regulations prohibited all types of disposal of waste into skip bins. Before discussing, what type of wastes can be put into skips, you must know what the types of wastes are.

Keep in mind disposal of all types of waste or mixing them incorrectly in a skip bin may result in additional charges. Your rubbish will be returned to you. Your activity will be similar to a criminal offense. So, before hiring skip bins in Sydney, be aware of the fact that what waste you can put in a skip.

What Is Called Waste?

Waste or garbage means unused or unwanted materials. Waste generally includes solid garbage from households and commercial sites.  The governments and legislators classify waste based on risks related to health and the environment. This classification is necessary to provide effective waste management.

The materials, used for recycling or reuse are often known as waste as the producer of this waste discards it. Based on source and hazardous properties, waste can be classified into different categories.

The Different Types Of Waste

With a wide variety of waste types, you must know which waste can be put in a skip without additional fees. The different types of waste are mentioned below.

#1. Liquid Waste

Liquid wastes are of two types based on their source- point or non-point source waste. Manufactured liquid waste is called point source wastewater and natural liquid waste is called non-point source waste. Liquid waste, found in households, and businesses, includes dirty water, organic liquids, and wash detergents. You can’t keep them in a general waste skip.

#2. Solid Rubbish

Solid rubbish includes plastics, metals, bricks, soil, paper, cardboard, and so on. These wastes can be put in residential skip bin at households and in commercial skip bin at businesses.

#3. Hazardous Waste

Hazardous wastes include asbestos, toxic chemicals, inflammable and reactive things, and electronic rubbish. As these wastes are harmful to the environment and living things, they are not allowed to throw in a skip bin.

#4. General Waste

General waste includes;

  • Boxes
  • Timber
  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Carpet
  • Green waste like grass, leaves, branches, bark, wood chips, etc

You can throw general waste in skip bins in Sydney without any hassle.

#5. Recyclable Rubbish

When the wastes can be converted into reusable products, then the wastes are called recyclable rubbish. Recyclable waste includes paper, metal, masonry, and furniture.

Wastes That Can’t Be Disposed Of In General Waste Skip

The wastes that can’t go in general skip waste are sand and soil, bricks and ceramic tiles, liquid waste, electronic goods, asbestos, gas cylinders, pet waste, nappies, and food waste. Among these wastes, some are hazardous materials that are harmful to health. Electrical materials can go in the e-waste disposal skip bin.

Disposal of these materials into a general waste skip bin is strictly prohibited. If you throw these materials into general waste skip bins, you will have to pay additional charges.

Wastes That Can Be Disposed Of In General Waste Skip

General waste like cardboard, paper, boxes, timber, clothes, toys, white goods, carpet, and furniture can be disposed into a general waste skip. General waste includes a few green wastes. You can throw green wastes into a general waste skip. Green wastes that can be put in a general skip bin are;

  • Leaves- dry or wet
  • Branches of trees
  • Green and brown grass
  • Wooden chips
  • The bark of the trees
  • Other organic materials
  • Wet and dry flowers
  • Rotten leaves, flowers and fruits


When you are cleaning your house or you are performing a garden clearance job, you will find a lot of general waste. How to dispose them of? Do not worry because Skipcorp, a leading Australian skip bin service provider, is available to help you.

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What Can You Keep In A General Waste Skip?