Steps to conduct post Christmas waste disposal at home

Steps to conduct post Christmas waste disposal at home

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While around 10 million people celebrate Christmas in Australia, it leaves nearly 5 million tons of leftovers on departure. Driven by the tremendous festive mood, we celebrate it, leaving a massive amount of waste that includes food, packets, and plastic, leading to developing an unhealthy environment for further living.

But this Christmas, make a change. This Christmas, celebrate with your family, friends, and your environment too. Get yourself a cheap skip bin to recycle the wastage gathered up during your Christmas party in your surroundings.

We often ignore the idea of waste disposal because we are not clear about the concept. So first, you need to educate yourself about the concept of waste disposal. Hence let us know a few steps, by applying which we can double up our festival happiness wisely and healthily.

1: Understanding the Different Methods of Waste Disposal
There are several methods of disposal of Christmas wastes. Among them, the following three processes are mostly implemented.

  • Land-filling: It is the most viable method you can use to dispose of leftover food or paper-based products that are biodegradable.
  • Composting: You can use this method to recycle Christmas wastes like paper chains, wreaths, trees, gift packs, glitter, etc.
  • Recycling: You can recycle many wastes created in the festive season and use them for other purposes.

2: Sorting Out the Recyclables and Non-Recyclables

First, put aside the recyclable and non-recyclable products accordingly. You cannot recycle paper-based things like foils, glitter, wrapping papers, or napkins. To dispose of them, you may use methods like burning, composting, or soaking. Lighting materials like LED or fairy lights are not recyclable, and we may consider them e-waste and dispose of them accordingly.

Glass and porcelain objects are both non-recyclable and highly contaminating. You may dispose of it in landfill bins.

3: Proper Christmas Gift Packaging

This step comes before the festival starts. It is better to avoid creating excessive waste by gift packaging. Instead, you can use cards or other gifts. Minimize the use of paper products and buy products while keeping in mind if they are reusable through recycling or not. In the case of wrapping gifts, you may use clothes that are reusable or tea towels.

4: Hiring a Professional Waste Disposal Service

To skip the difficult job of sorting and carefully disposing of Christmas wastes, you may hire a cheap skip bin. They have a better approach to the waste disposal and recycling agenda.

There are local companies that will provide these services to you on hire according to your customer preferences. This process is highly efficient and pocket-friendly. Besides, they will also offer you practical knowledge and tips and tricks regarding the matter of concern.

We must perceive the simple fact that even during the time of celebration and joy. We should keep in mind the necessity of cutting back on the generation of unnecessary waste products. The most viable and easy procedures of disposing of waste products created during this time must be planned and implemented correctly.

Steps to conduct post Christmas waste disposal at home