How To Dispose Various Types of Waste in Your Skip Bins?

How To Dispose Various Types of Waste in Your Skip Bins?

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The most ideal way of residential and commercial waste disposal is hiring skip bins. Almost every categories of waste including green wastes, plastic waste, and construction rubbish etcetera can be dumped in to the skip bin. If you are planning a big cleanup work, or looking for regular waste management system, Skip bins are there for you. However, you should not dump anything and everything into one bin and get it over with.

There are some restrictions and guidelines for properly using your skip bin for safe, Eco-friendly waste disposal. In this blog you will learn about the various types of skip bins and how to use them correctly. Keep reading to know what can and what cannot be disposed in the bins.


Why Should You Not Dispose Everything In A Single Bin?

You must understand the significance of these rules regarding the types of waste allowed to put in your skip bin. Putting in some certain waste materials or mixing them improperly can cost you additional fees or worse, your rubbish will be returned to you. There are a lot of types and skip bin sizes available for certain proposes. The following lines shall clearly explain the types of wastes you can and cannot dump in the skip bins.

Things That You Must Not Dump In Skip Bins

The items that should not be disposed of into a skip bin are mentioned below. Read the following lines and follow these guidelines thoroughly for maximum benefit from skip bin services.

• Degradable wastes such as food remnants, pet waste, and nappies etcetera. Putrescible wastes are not meant for skip bins.
• Liquid rubbish such as oils, paints, thinners, chemicals and other similar products.
• LPG cylinders.
• Tyres.
• Asbestos.
• Hazardous garbage.
• Batteries.
• Electronic wastes.

For more clarity about the proper disposal of wastes, you must convey your service provider exactly what types of wastes you intend to dump in your skip bin. This information will help the service providers to choose from various types and skip bin sizes and produce the most suitable ones for your use.

Various Categories of Wastes That You Can Dump in Skip Bins

A brief note on the different types of wastes shall help you identify your waste type and get the most suitable skip bins for disposing them off. Give it a read before you go on to hire a skip.

General Wastes
Majority of general rubbish can be put in to a skip bin. These include materials such as boxes, furniture, timber, white goods, clothes, some electronic appliances, toys, most green wastes, carpet and a few other things.

For avoiding additional charges, you must not put these along with general waste: concrete, bricks, soil, ceramic tiles, asbestos, food waste, liquid wastes, TV, computer and such E-waste and gas cylinders.

Bricks, Concrete and Construction Waste
You should not dispose construction rubbish along with general waste. Hire different skip bins specifically for such wastes. Rubbish such as concrete, bricks and such that can be regarded as building waste are: pavers, ceramic tiles and floors, roof tiles, concrete and bricks. Nothing other than these must be dumped together.

Soil and Dirt
Soil, dirt and sand should be disposed separately. Check the weight restrictions specified by the service provider to avoid incurrence of additional charges. Do not include general or green wastes in a skip specified for soil waste.

Green Wastes
Elements classified as green waste are the following ones:

• Wood chips
• Grass
• Branches
• Leaves
• Bark
• Organic materials.

Do not put other wastes like soil, sand and building waste in a green waste skip bin. Check with your provider for additional rules (if any)

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How To Dispose Various Types of Waste in Your Skip Bins?