How Heavy Is A Full Skip?

How Heavy Is A Full Skip?

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Want to dispose of wastes that are too large, heavy, or bulky? Hiring a skip is a cost-effective solution to this problem. When you are clearing garden waste, the wastes are soil, stones, and wood. So, before hiring a skip, you must be aware of the size of the skip and how much weight a skip can hold.

In the case of a small building project, bricks, hardcore, rubble, and mortar are generated. Commercial skip bin hire is the best way solution to the disposal of these heavily weighted wastes.

What Should Be The Weight Of A Skip?

Skips are of different sizes both for residential and commercial use. The unit of measurement of the weight of a skip is cubic yards. Generally, one cubic yard of skip contains one thousand kilograms or one metric tonne of waste. Roughly 340 standard house bricks weigh one metric tonne.

The minimum capacity of a skip is two cubic yards. That means, the smallest skip can hold a minimum of two thousand kilograms of waste. The maximum weight of a skip is eight cubic yards. That means the largest skip can hold eight thousand kilograms of waste.

How Much Does An Empty Skip Weigh?

  • The weight of a 4-yard skip, when empty, is 125 kg.
  • The weight of a 6-yard skip, when empty, is about 187 kg.
  • The weight of an 8-yard skip, when empty, is about 250 kg.
  • The weight of a 16-yard skip, when empty, is about 500 kg.

How much Does A Full Skip Weigh?

When filled with wastes, the weight of a skip enhances dramatically. Let’s see what will be the weight of a full skip.

  • When filled with wastes, a 4- yard skip weighs 4125 kg.
  • The weight of a filled 6-yard skip is 6187 kg.
  • A filled 8-yard skip weighs 8250 kg.
  • When full, a 16-yard skip allows 16,500 kg of waste in it.

The lorry that carries skip bin in Sydney, itself weighs 7.5 tonnes. Note that, when a lorry carries the full skip, its weight increases more. Then the lorry needs the use of stabilizers-metal legs, which could break paving stones by exerting huge pressure on the ground.

Beware Of Overfilling A Skip

Avoid filling your skip bins above the rim. This results in problems in transport and travel. To transport overflowing skips is strictly prohibited and illegal. The driver of the skip truck may face legal issues then. If you overfill the skips, the skip bins hiring company may ask you to remove waste from the skips to ensure safe transport.

Overfilling a skip is of two types- filling the skip up to the rim and filling the skip bin above the rim. Before hiring a skip bin, think carefully about what wastes you are going to put in a skip and how much waste you are likely to throw in a skip. You must hire the right size of the skip bins accordingly.

Will Lifting Equipment Be Able To Lift Your Load?

At the time of hiring a skip company, two sides agree about the weight limit that a full skip will have. Accordingly, you must hire the size of the skip bins. If you hire a cheaper skip bin in Sydney, you have to put lower weight into the skip bin. Keep in mind the cheaper skip bins can carry the lower weight limit.

The customers do not think about whether the skip truck’s lifting equipment can lift the weight of a skip. According to the customers, the skip providers will deal with this problem with no expense. But this is a misconception. The customers have to pay extra charges until the skip is light enough to lift by equipment on the truck.


Skipcorp is a commercial skip hire company that can provide a wide variety of sizes of skip bins for the disposal of wastes. You must talk to the company about what wastes you will put into the skips and about the weight limits to avoid additional fees.

Skipcorp, an Australian leading skip bin company, provides skips ranging from 2m3 to 12m3. So, the company can offer appropriate bin sizes for all-size projects.

How Heavy Is A Full Skip?