Can You Put Anything In A Hired Skip?

Can You Put Anything In A Hired Skip?

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Trying to get rid of waste in your home? Skip bin hire is the best solution to this issue. When you clean your home and garden, you find different types of waste to dispose of. If you hire a skip from a company, you must know the regulations that what can go in a skip or what can’t.

Types Of Rubbish That You Can Skip

With several companies in the market, you must choose the one which allows almost all types of waste in the skip. This includes a garden, household waste, building waste, commercial waste, etc.

When cleaning your garden you can dispose of;

Compost, sand, soil & sand, pieces of broken bricks, grass clippings, branches, dry leaves, wet leaves, vegetation trimming

Home remodelling projects and home construction projects can generate different types of waste. The skip companies provide guidelines on what can you put in a skip or what you can’t.

You can safely dispose of after the completion of your project;

  • Wooden waste
  • Metal waste
  • Waste from electrical fixtures and fittings
  • Building waste and plastics
  • Sacks
  • Plastic bags
  • Furniture
  • Brocken bricks

You can put in a skip those things, which ensure safe disposal of waste.

Before disposal of waste, you must know what your skip company is permitting about disposal. As throwing wrong items in a skip is regarded as a criminal charge, you must be aware of the regulations about the disposal of waste. Before you choose a skip bin hire company, you need to consult with the company on what can you put in the hired skip.

What Can You Put In A Skip Bin?

The list below shows some of the most common disposable wastes you can put in a skip. If your waste does not fall under this category and is not hazardous, you may consult with your skip service provider. Most probably, you won’t face any problem then.

  • Bricks, wood, and rubble
  • Brocken furniture
  • Wood and cardboard
  • Electrical and non-electrical fittings and fixtures
  • Plastic and plastic products
  • Plastic and cardboard packaging items
  • Garden waste like leaves, soil, and branches
  • Solidified paints
  • Metal, polystyrene
  • Empty tins, gas cookers
  • Domestic waste like the peel of vegetables, fruits

You may put different types of waste in the building waste skip bin in the construction sites. Some of the common wastes are pieces of bricks, cement, and soil.

What Can’t You Put In A Skip Bin?

You can’t put hazardous items in a skip due to waste disposal rules.

Electrical Equipment

You cannot throw electrical goods like micro-ovens, fridges, induction, and televisions in a skip. These wastes are not allowed by the waste disposal rules. However, to dispose of those of you must consult a waste electrical company. A Waste Electrical Company will guide you on how to dispose of them.


Asbestos, a hazardous and harmful material, is a big no in a skip. There are the government implemented strict rules prohibiting the disposal of asbestos. It is illegal to recycle asbestos. However, for the disposal of asbestos, you must contact an asbestos removal contractor.

Below is the list of some other common hazardous materials that you can’t put in a skip

  • Batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Chemicals including bleach, cleaning detergents
  • Petrol, diesel, kerosene
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Explosives
  • Medical wastes
  • Tyres
  • Paint tins
  • Oil
  • Paint, Glue, plasterboard

For disposal of these items, you must consult the concerned waste disposal companies or authorities. But you can’t dispose of those in a skip as disposal of those in a skip bin is strictly prohibited and is equal to the criminal offense.


Want to hire a building waste skip bin on the construction site or want to hire a skip for disposal of home waste? Skipcorp is a reliable and affordable skip hire company, which offers hassle-free and great waste disposal services in Sydney. This company provides residential and commercial skip services online. Before throwing waste in a skip, you must be aware of the disposal rules of the Skip Corp Company. This company allows almost all types of waste in its skip bins except hazardous materials.

Can You Put Anything In A Hired Skip?